Area Delegate


    • Attends the annual General Service Conference in April of each year and reports back to the Fellowship at the next Area Assembly and Area Convention, the highlights and significant results of the Conference. As requested, presents this report to A.A. groups throughout the Maryland General Service area
    • Attends the Area Assembly and Area Committee meetings, updating those bodies with information and news received from throughout the Fellowship
    • Continually informs and works closely with the Alternate Delegate to insure a smooth transition in the event that it may become necessary for the Alternate Delegate to assume the Delegate’s responsibilities
    • Makes the semi-annual group contribution reports, provided by the General Service Office, available to the Area Assembly
    • Responds to anonymity breaks in Area 29
    • Responds to requests from the General Service Office regarding the Confidential Directory
    • Prepares the annual Delegate’s budget request to be submitted to the Finance Committee in the fall of each year and is prepared with supporting documentation to answer any questions which may be asked during the budget approval process
    • May attend service functions or events as listed on page 53 of this Handbook and request reimbursement as provided in the Area 29 Budget for this service position and approved by the Area Assembly each year
    • Attends Area 29 Conference Agenda Review Committee (CARC) meetings and the Area 29 Mini Conference
    • Is encouraged to write and submit service-related articles for the quarterly Maryland General Service Newsletter, the MARGENSER
    • As requested, attends group, Intergroup, District or other Area A.A. events to share information and knowledge of the A.A. fellowship
  • Informs GSO of the names and addresses of newly elected Area officers

Reprinted from Area 29 Area Assembly Handbook, January 2015, P. 24.

For further information contact the Area 29 Delegate,

Message from the Area 29 Delegate

Does your home group have a General Service Representative (GSR)?
Do you attend any groups that don’t?
Please take them a copy of this circular and ask them to participate with a voice in the group conscience of A.A. as a whole

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