Area Elections

Area Assembly / Elections  – October 17
(Severna Park United Methodist Church – 731 Benfield Rd, Severna Park, MD)

Forms for Area Elections

On August 22, the area assembly approved two forms for use in Area Elections which are coming up in October:

The A.A. Service Resume form is to be completed (optionally) by anyone who thinks they may stand for officer position(s).  When a person stands for office at the election assembly, copies of his/her form will be distributed to the voters help them evaluate the service experience and qualifications of those standing.  It also serves as a tool for helping people decide whether to stand, as many times we do not realize how much experience we have until we start writing it out.  This form is patterned after the one used for Trustee elections at the General Service Conference.
* This is an interactive PDF form. You can fill the form out in your PDF viewing software, and save the file. Recommend placing your name in the file name. This saved file can then be sent as an attachment to the email listed on the form and here.

The Area Officer Duties and Qualifications forms will be distributed to voters at the election assembly instead of reading long lists of duties and qualifications at the beginning of the election for each position.  Time will be provided for voters to review the duties and qualifications and to ask questions before we start each election.  These forms are also useful to those completing A.A. Service Resumes (above), as they show the qualities and responsibilities for each position.  The material on these forms comes primarily from The A.A. Service Manual and The MGS Area Assembly Handbook.