Area Treasurer


    • Opens and maintains a checking account for the purpose of transacting all Maryland General Service Area Assembly business. The account will have signature cards for the Treasurer, Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chairperson, and Secretary
    • Accurately records and maintains all financial transactions of the Maryland General Service Area Assembly in the General Operating, Literature and Grapevine funds
    • Maintains records of supporting documentation for expenditures (e.g., receipts, invoices, purchase orders)
    • Maintains records of group contributions to the Maryland General Service Area Assembly
  • Sends a contribution to the General Service Office for the Delegate’s attendance at the General Service Conference
    • Attends the Finance Committee, Area Assembly and Area Committee meetings
    •  Reports the opening balance, income, expense and closing balance for each fund at each Area Assembly and Area Committee; copies of the supporting detail are to be available at this time for the review by the membership
    • Prepares mid-year and year-end financial reports for presentation to the Area Committee in July and January of each year; these reports will itemize income, expenses and variance within each budgeted area
  • Prepares the annual Treasurer’s budget request to be submitted to the Finance Committee in October of each year and is prepared with supporting documentation to answer any questions which may be asked during the budget approval process in December
    • Represents Maryland General Service Area 29 at the following functions:
      • Area 29 State Convention
      • Northeast Regional Convention
      • Northeast Regional Forum
      • Northeast Regional Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly
  • As requested, attends group, Intergroup, District or other Area AA events to share information and knowledge of the AA fellowship

Reprinted from Area 29 Area Handbook, P. 28.

For further information contact Area 29 Treasurer.