2018 Conference Agenda Review Committee (CARC) Meetings – 12 Suggestions

      1. 1. The Area Delegate will call a meeting of Past Delegates around February 15th to review the Final General Service Conference Agenda and create a Modified Agenda of selected items for all four CARCs to discuss. The Modified Agenda and corresponding selections from the background material will be given to the CARC Leaders, all DCMs, Area Officers, Area Committee Chairs, and Past Delegates at the February Committee.
      1. 2. The full Final Agenda and background will be provided to each CARC leader, Area Officer and Past Delegate. Copies may be made for anyone who requests it. Emailing of background information is discouraged due to anonymity concerns.
      1. 3. The four CARCs will be scheduling meetings between the February Committee and the Mini Conference (which is scheduled for April 7 in 2018). Each CARC is encouraged to meet on a different day and should try not to schedule a meeting during NERD or NERAASA.
      1. 4. To ensure that the Delegate and/or Alternate Delegate may be in attendance at all four CARC meetings, the CARC leader will work closely with them to schedule each meeting.
      1. 5. Provide CARC meeting information to District and IG webmasters to post on websites.
      1. 6. Consider creating a flyer to attract attendees to each CARC meeting.
      1. 7. Have copies of pamphlets, books, etc., available if they are part of the Modified Agenda discussion. You may need to order these from the MGS Literature Chair in advance of your CARC meeting, or ask an Area committee chair if they have literature you can borrow.
      1. 8. Take time to read and highlight background material in advance.
      1. 9. Mini Conference panel presenters will be DCMs and attendees from each of the four CARCs in order to promote cross-pollination of ideas and get a broader Area conscience. DCMs and CARC Leaders will coordinate with the Mini Conference Chair and Alternate Delegate to plan and present the pros and cons on various topics.
      1. 10. Your CARC recording secretary is vital to your meetings. Following each meeting, he/she will provide minutes to CARC attendees, the Delegate, Alternate Delegate and Mentors. These minutes will help presenters prepare for the Area Mini Conference.
      1. 11. The Area will reimburse the CARC for the cost of rent and copies. The 2018 budget for each CARC is $250.00. Other expenses such as refreshments should be paid for by passing the basket.
      1. 12. The CARCs are encouraged to re-convene after the Delegate’s report back to consider possible items for the agenda of the General Service Conference the following year. These items should be communicated to, and coordinated through, the Alternate Delegate to avoid duplication of efforts by the four CARCs.