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Electronic Delivery of A.A. Literature — Send your completed survey to our Area Delegate

Special Needs Individual Sign-Up Form — For groups signing up individual members assist with Special Needs members

Special Needs Group Evaluation Form — For groups to evaluate whether their meeting space meets Special Needs criteria


Archives Form — For turning in group information to the Archives

Committee Report to Area 29 — For turning in Committee Report to secretary

DCM Report to Area 29 — For turning in District Committee Member Report to secretary

Excel iconMGS Expense Form — For turning in expenses to the treasurer (MS Excel version).

MGS Expense Form — For turning in expenses to the treasurer (.pdf version - print and fill out this form if you do not have MS Excel).

Excel icon2014 Budget Expense Form — For turning in budget request for 2014 to Finance Committee (MS Excel version).

Group forms

Group Contribution Form — For sending group contributions to Maryland General Service, Inc (PDF Veriosn).

Group Contribution Form — (MS Word Doc.)

New Group Form — For listing a new group with the A.A. General Service Office (GSO) and updating the records at GSO and Area 29 Maryland General Service.

Group Information Change Form — For updating the records at Area 29 Maryland General Service and the A.A. General Service Office (GSO) with changes in information such as group meeting day/time and location, GSR, and Alternate GSR.


Maryland General Service Documents

Maryland General Service Assembly Handbook and By-Laws of Maryland General Service, Inc.

Website Guidelines
Guidelines for Area 29 Website Construction and Maintenance

Panel 62 Delegate’s Report of the 63th General Service Conference

NERAASA 2014 Registration Form (large edition) (when available)

NERAASA 2014 Registration Form (single page edition) (when available)


AA Logo

Host Committee Documents

Cover Letter — Explains what the Host Committee will do for the District hosting an Area 29 event.

Host Committee Checklist — Provides a checklist of items provided by the Host Committee and items that the hosting District must provide.

Sample Room Setup — provides a graphic view of a suggested room set up for Area 29 events.


External Documents Referenced
on this Website

A.A. Big Book — Online version of Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book)

Service Manual — Online version of the 2014-2015 edition

Is A.A. For You? — Pamphlet

2011 A.A. Membership Survey — Pamphlet

SMF-176 — Services provided by G.S.O./A.A.W.S.

Form MG-18 — AA Guidelines: Internet

Form MG-02 — A.A. Guidelines for Central or Intergroup Offices

Alcoholics Anonymous New Group Form — This link for information only - please use the form in the far left column of this page to have a new group listed.

Group Information Change Form — This link for information only - please use the form in the far left column of this page to send in changes.

Form F-43 — District Information Change Form

Understanding Anonymity — Pamphlet

Anonymity Letter to the Media

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