Host Committee


The purpose of the Area Meeting Host Committee is to help Districts plan Area Assembly and Area Committee meetings.

Duties and Responsibilities of Area Meeting Host Chairperson

    • Is appointed by the Area Chairperson for a term of two years, beginning in January of the even-numbered years
    • Attends the Area Assembly and Area Committee meetings
    • Coordinates requests from Districts to host Area 29 Committee or Assembly meetings and reports this information, along with location and directions, to the Maryland General Service Chairperson to help prepare the annual meeting calendar
    • Discusses with the hosting District, room set up needs for an Area Assembly or Area Committee meeting
    • Ensures that facilities being utilized for Area meetings are priced within budget
  • When coordinating with Districts, assures that locations selected are fully handicap accessible venues, including but not limited to: structural, parking, and rest room handicap facilities
    • Coordinates, with the District, the cleaning and closing down of the service area and kitchen after each meal at each Area Assembly and Area Committee meeting
    • Provides ongoing guidance and suggestions to Districts, up to and including the day of the meeting
    • Prepares the annual Area Meeting Host’s budget request to be submitted to the Finance Committee in the fall of each year and is prepared with supporting documentation to answer any questions that may be asked during the budget approval process
    • May attend service functions or events as listed on page 53 of this Handbook and request reimbursement as provided in the Area 29 Budget for this committee and approved by the Area Assembly each year
    • Is encouraged to write and submit service-related articles for the quarterly Maryland General Service Newsletter, the MARGENSER
  • Forms a working committee of A.A. members to assist in carrying out the performance of these responsibilities.

Area 29 Area Assembly Handbook, P. 41

Below are links to a cover letter, checklist, and sample room setup, which have been prepared to provide information to assist District Committees in their preparations for the meeting they will be hosting. Check the MGS Calendar to make sure the meeting you are hosting has been posted.

Cover Letter

Host Committee Checklist

Sample Room Setup

You will need PDF Reader software to view these documents.

Any questions regarding this information should be directed to the Host Committee