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The Area Assembly

The Area Assembly generally follows Roberts Rules of Order.

Items of business to be voted on by the Area Assembly are brought to the floor in the form of a motion. The Chairperson will ask for a second to the motion. If a second to the motion is made, discussion will follow.

The Chairperson or a member of the Area Assembly may call for a vote — “call the question” — after the matter has had a thorough airing or discussion has ceased. A simple majority is required to approve the motion in most cases. The exceptions are:

  • When any member of the Assembly raises a point of order during the discussion and requests that the motion receive substantial unanimity to be approved. If seconded, the point of order is then voted on. If passed by a simple majority, the original motion on the floor will now require two- thirds vote in favor to pass or be approved.
  • When any member of the Assembly makes a motion to table further discussion and/or voting until the next Area Assembly. If seconded and approved by a simple majority, the original motion is tabled and placed on the “Old Business” agenda for the next Area Assembly.

Upcoming Meeting Information

Meeting: Area Committee
Date: February 17, 2018
Frederick, Md
Agenda: Flyer

Once the outcome of the vote is determined, the chairperson will ask for the minority opinion to be heard. Only those voting with the minority may come to the microphone to express their views. The chairperson may then ask if anyone who voted in the majority wishes to change his or her vote. If only a small number of those in the majority wish to change their vote, the decision stands. If, however, a large number of those who had been in the majority now wish to change their vote, the earlier decision is set aside. New discussion begins at this point, with only new issues being presented. The voting process begins again.

Eligibility to Vote

All GSRs (or their alternates), DCMs (or their alternates), Area officers, and chairpersons of Area standing and ad hoc committees are eligible to vote. Reprinted from Area 29 Handbook, P. 26.

The Area Committee

Perhaps more than any other group of people on A.A., the area committee is responsible for the health of the conference structure and thus for growth and harmony in the A.A. Fellowship. An active committee deals with all kinds of service problems: Is experience being shared among groups? Is the A.A. message getting into hospitals, prisons, jails, and other rehabilitation centers? Are news media and professionals who deal with suffering alcoholics well informed about A.A.?
Reprinted from the Service Manual, P. S42 with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.