NERAASA is the Northeast Regional Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly (NERAASA). See below for Delegate Area map.

What is the Purpose of NERAASA?
The purpose of NERAASA is for General Service Representatives (GSR’s), District Committee Members (DCM’s), Area Officers, Area Committee Members, District Committee Members, and Intergroup/Central Office Representatives of the Northeast Region to discuss General Service Conference related issues and concerns affecting A.A. as a whole, as well as pertinent aspects of recovery, unity and service common to the areas of the Northeast Region.

What happens at NERAASA?
NERAASA is comprised of a weekend of Panel Presentations, Floor Discussions on Issues Affecting A.A. Today, Northeast Regional Trustee’s Report, Saturday Dinner followed by an A.A. Speaker Meeting. In addition, there are several Round Table Sharing Sessions throughout the weekend for the following representatives; District Committee Members, General Service
Representatives, A.A. Literature, Archives, Cooperation With The Professional Community, Public Information,Treatment Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Grapevine, Area / District Chairpersons, Central Office/Intergroup, Area Delegates and Alternate Delegates, Area / District Registrars

When and where is NERAASA held?
NERAASA is scheduled for the last full weekend of February each year and is held in a different Delegate Area of the North East Region.

What about the next NERAASA?
The next NERAASA will be held in Area 30 at the Sheraton Farmington Hotel and Conference Center, Farmington, MA, the weekend of February 24-26, 2017. Visit for information about the next NERAASA.



Northeast Region Delegate Areas

11 – Connecticut

12 – Delaware

13 – District of Columbia

28 – Maine

29 – Maryland

30 – Eastern Massachusetts

31 – Western Massachusetts

43 – New Hampshire

44 – Northern New Jersey

45 – Southern New Jersey

47 – Central New York

48 – Hudson/Mohawk/Berkshire New York

49 – Southeast New York

50 – Western New York

59 – Eastern Pennsylvania

60 – Western Pennsylvania

61 – Rhode Island

70 – Vermont