Accessibilities Committee


The purpose of the Accessibilities Committee is to cooperate with Intergroup and District Accessibilities Committees and, when requested, to coordinate the work of individual AA members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics with special needs.

Accessibility Needs

  • Alcoholics who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Alcoholics who live in rural areas/isolated, home or hospital bound.
  • Alcoholics who do not have transportation or  are unable to drive themselves due to health conditions or DUI.
  • Alcoholics who are in nursing homes/foster care homes.
  • Alcoholics who use a wheelchair, walker, or cane.
  • Alcoholics who are blind or have low vision.
  • Alcoholics who have limited English reading or writing skills.
  • Alcoholics who are single parents that are unable to find suitable child care to attend meetings.
  • Alcoholics who are developmentally disabled.

Accessibility Related Service Materials

Committee Duties

The Chairperson of the Accessibilities Committee:

    • Is appointed by the Area Chairperson for a term of two years, beginning in January of the even-numbered years
    • Attends the Area Assembly and Area Committee meetings
    • Chairs monthly Accessibilities Committee meeting, coordinating information received from local Correctional Facilities representatives for reporting back to the Area Assembly
    • Acts as a conduit for communication between GSO and the local Special Needs committees
    • Assists the local Accessibilities committees wherever and whenever possible
    • Prepares the annual Accessibilities Committee’s budget request to be submitted to the Finance Committee in October of each year and is prepared with supporting documentation to answer any questions which may be asked during the budget approval process in December
    • Represents Maryland General Service Area 29 at the following functions:
      • Area 29 State Convention
      • Northeast Regional Forum
      • Northeast Regional Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly
      • Arranges purchases and distribution of Accessibilities literature as may be required
      • As requested, attends group, Intergroup, District or other Area AA events to share information and knowledge of the AA fellowship
      • Coordinates AA’s Accessibilities display at professional exhibits throughout the Maryland General Service Area 29 as required
      • Forms a working committee of AA members to assist in carrying out the performance of these responsibilities

For further information contact the Accessibilities Committee