Treatment Committee


The purpose of the Treatment Committee is to cooperate with Intergroup/District Treatment Facilities and Institution Committees and the General Service Office (GSO) in New York, when requested, to coordinate the work of individual AA members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics in treatment facilities, and to set up means of “Bridging the Gap” from the facility to the larger AA community. Basic functions of the committee are to:

  • Be available to take regular AA meeting into facilities, when asked by the Intergroup/District committees and allowed to do so by the facilities
  • Encourage AA group and local Intergroup/District committee participation
  • Provide a liaison between treatment facilities’ meetings and groups on the outside
  • Coordinate temporary contacts with individuals and AA groups to ensure that individuals will be guided to a meeting at the time of their release.
  • Arrange purchase and distribution of literature for these AA groups and meetings
  • Meet with administrators of institutions and agencies dealing with alcoholism to share information about Alcoholics Anonymous.

Help an Alcoholic “Bridge the Gap” between Treatment Facilities and A.A.

The Maryland General Service (MGS) Treatment Facilities Committee wants to improve communication with all A.A. members, groups, and districts to help ensure that alcoholics leaving treatment facilities have help readily available for “Bridging the Gap” between the facility and continued recovery in A.A. We have created the Love and Service Contact form as a means of bringing us all together to see that these new members of A.A. can receive the help they need. If you will allow us to contact you when someone leaving a facility asks for help in achieving and maintaining sobriety, please complete and submit this “Temporary Contact Volunteer” form (MS Word or pdf),* especially if at any level of the A.A. service structure you are:

  • a Treatment Facilities Committee chairperson or committee member
  • a Corrections Committee chairperson or committee member
  • a Hospital and Institution (H&I) Committee chairperson or committee member
  • a Bridging the Gap Committee chairperson or temporary contact
  • or any interested A.A. member

District and/or Intergroup chairpersons who check the box to be registered in A.A.’s Fellowship New Vision will receive literature from A.A.’s General Service Office relating to their service position in regard to Bridging the Gap. Everyone filling out the form will be registered with the MGS Treatment Facilities Committee and will receive information on Treatment Facilities activities and/or the Bridging the Gap program.

If you wish to start a Bridging the Gap program for your district or intergroup, the following information and forms will facilitate your effort:**

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to carry the message to an alcoholic who might otherwise have nowhere to turn; register today!


*If you cannot open this form, or if it is incompatible with your computer system, you may send an email to Treatment Facilities Committee for help in submitting your information.

**Some of these documents contain links that will open webpages and pamphlets outside the Area 29, Maryland General Service website. These links do not constitute or indicate review, endorsement or approval. We have provided these links as a service to our members.


The Chairperson of the Treatment Facilities Committee:

  • Is appointed by the Area Chairperson for a term of two years, beginning in January of the even-numbered years
  • Attends the Area Assembly and Area Committee meetings
  • Chairs Treatment Facilities Committee meeting, coordinating information received from Intergroup/District  Treatment Facilities representatives for reporting back to the Area Assembly
  • Coordinates annual Treatment Facilities panels for the State Convention and Fall Convention
  • Acts as a conduit for communication between GSO and the Intergroup/District Treatment Facilities committees
  • Assists the Intergroup/District Treatment Facilities committees wherever and whenever possible
  • Prepares the annual Treatment Facilities Committee’s budget request to be submitted to the Finance Committee in October of each year and is prepared with supporting documentation to answer any questions which may be asked during the budget approval process in December
  • May attend Maryland General Service Area 29 functions and request reimbursement as provided in the Area 29 Budget for this committee and approved by the Area Assembly each year:
    • Area 29 State Convention
    • Northeast Regional Forum
    • Northeast Regional Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly
  • Attends Regional Panel meetings where topic applies to Treatment Facilities
  • Is encouraged to write and submit service-related articles for the quarterly Margenser Newsletter
  • As requested, attends group, Intergroup, District or other Area AA events to share information and knowledge of the AA fellowship
  • Forms a working committee of AA members to assist in carrying out the performance of these responsibilities

For further information contact the Treatment Facilities Committee