Technology Committee

Website Guidelines


The purpose of the Website Committee is to provide a public information vehicle of Maryland General Service, Inc., Area 29 of Alcoholics Anonymous that contains information that is publicly available. In general, the Website itself is intended to provide general information regarding Alcoholics Anonymous and to facilitate face-to-face contact between A.A. members and those wishing to learn about the A.A. program of recovery from alcoholism. In its conduct, the Website Committee  will follow the Steps, Traditions and Concepts for World Service of Alcoholics Anonymous. To preserve anonymity, no personal names will be used. No affiliation between the Maryland General Service’s Website and any outside enterprise will be permitted. Only posts regarding this site itself and the information contained within will be considered by the Committee.

Who We Are:

We are the Committee responsible for the “Official” website of Area 29, Maryland General Service, Inc. and a sub-committee of the Public Information Committee. We are comprised of members of Alcoholics Anonymous in Area 29, Maryland General Service.

What We Do:

We provide information for the still sick and suffering alcoholic searching for a way to recover from alcoholism, including links to Area 29 Intergroups for the purpose of finding a meeting. We also provide information for members of Area 29 and general information about Alcoholics Anonymous to the general public.

We are responsible for the maintenance and up to date information about services, functions, and activities in Area 29, in accordance with the Alcoholics Anonymous Service structure found in the Alcoholics Anonymous Service Handbook. We are also responsible for the Website Guidelines, content, and contributing content to ensure the website is fulfilling its purpose.

What We Do Not Do:

We do not provide a substitute for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. We also do not provide recovery resources outside of Alcoholics Anonymous. We do not provide meeting information outside of Area 29, Maryland General Service, Inc. However, we do provide links to other Area websites for the purpose of finding meetings in those Areas.

If You Would Like To Participate:

If you are a member of Alcoholics Anonymous in Area 29 and would like to get involved in Service and participate on the Website Committee, please contact the Website Chair or the Webmaster. Get involved. If you think the Website Committee may not be for you, please visit or contact one of the other Service Committees and get involved in Service work.

As anonymity is the “spiritual foundation of all out Traditions”, we practice anonymity on public A.A. Web sites at all times.
Reprinted from A.A. Guidelines — Internet, P. 2 with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.