What is Area 29

Area 29 is composed of the entire state of Maryland, with the exception of Prince George’s County and Montgomery County, which are in Area 13.*

Area 29 is divided into 47 districts, each represented by a District Committee Member (DCM).

Each District Committee is composed of the General Service Representatives (GSR) who represent their A.A. group in that District as well as the District Committee Member and other officers as elected by the District.

The Officers of Area 29, Committee Chairpersons, and DCMs make up the Area Committee, which meets 4 times yearly. The Area Committee and all GSRs make up the Area Assembly, which meets 5 times yearly.

All A.A. members are invited to attend any District Meeting, Area Committee, or Area Assembly.

Area 29 is represented at the annual General Service Conference, usually in New York City, by their Delegate, who is elected biannually, in odd years, for a term of two years beginning in the subsequent even year.