Workshop Committee


The purpose of the Workshop Committee is to assist groups, districts, and Intergroups in Area 29 who wish to present workshops on various topics related to A.A. The committee does this by offering assistance with the selection of topics and participants and with other aspects of workshop planning as requested.


The Chairperson of the Workshop Committee:

  • is appointed by the Area Chairperson for a term of two years, beginning in January of the even-numbered years
  • Fields all inquiries by Area groups and districts interested in putting on workshops
  • Assists groups and districts in preparations for workshops, providing available materials, suggesting themes, and coordinating the attendance of officers of Maryland General Service when requested
  • Collects and shares material useful in future workshops
  • As requested, attends Intergroup, District, or other Area events to share information and knowledge of the A.A. fellowship
  • May represent the Maryland General Service Area 29 at the following functions:
    • Area 29 State Convention
  • Prepares annual budget to be submitted to the Finance Committee in October, listing and documenting expenses incurred while conducting business associated with this committee
  • Forms a working committee of A.A. members to assist in carrying out the performance of these responsibilities


For further information or if you’d like to assist the committee, contact the Workshop Committee