What is Area 29?

Area 29 is composed of the entire state of Maryland, with the exception of Prince George's County and Montgomery County, which are in Area 13.*

Area 29 is divided into 47 districts, each represented by a District Committee Member (DCM).

Each District Committee is composed of the General Service Representatives (GSR) who represent their A.A. group in that District as well as the District Committee Member and other officers as elected by the District.

The Officers of Area 29, Committee Chairpersons, and DCMs make up the Area Committee, which meets 4 times yearly. The Area Committee and all GSRs make up the Area Assembly, which meets 5 times yearly.

All A.A. members are invited to attend any District Meeting, Area Committee, or Area Assembly.

Area 29 is represented at the annual General Service Conference, usually in New York City, by their Delegate, who is elected biannually, in odd years, for a term of two years beginning in the subsequent even year.

Your Maryland General Service (Area 29) Officers and Committees

Maryland General Service officers and committee chairs can be contacted by e-mail as shown at Contact Us or write to:

Maryland General Service Inc.
P.O. Box 13457
Baltimore, MD 21203

Committee meetings

The 2015 Fall Convention committee meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month.
Location Owen Brown Community Center
6800 Craddlerock Way
Columbia, MD 20145
Time 7:00 p.m.
For further information contact 2015 Area 29 Fall Convention Committee
The 2015 Area 29 State Convention Committee meetings will be held on Sunday, November 23, January 18, March 15 and May 17.
Meeting location The Serenity Center
9650 Basket Ring Road
Columbia, MD 21045
Time: 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

For more information, please contact the 2015 State Convention Committee.

The Special Needs-Accessibility committee meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month.
Meeting location Atlanta Bread
Waugh Chapel Shopping Center
Gambrills, Md.
Time: 7:00 p.m.
For more information, please contact the Special Needs Committee.


What’s Happening in Area 29?

Area Annual Planning Session

January 17, 2014


Area 29 Mini Conference

April 11, 2015 (Severna Park, MD)


A.A. Events Outside Area 29

2015 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous
July 2 - 5, 2015 (Atlanta, Ga.)



New Publications

4th Quarter 2014 issue of the Margenser.

The Delegate's report back from the 63rd General Service Conference

The Delegate's report from the December 14, 2013 Area Assembly.

Box 459: Hoilday Issue 2014.

New Forms

New Group Form
Group Information Change Form

Margenser Audio

Select Margenser articles will soon be available for audio playback. For a preview, listen to the audio versions of "Write a Margenser Article" and the Delegate's report back from the 2013 Maryland General Conference on the audio player.

Margenser Articles Wanted

Do you have an experience in A.A. that you would like to share? Please consider sharing your experience, strength, and hope with Service work in print. Articles should be no more than 750 words or as short as you would like it to be. For more information, See Margenser.

Website Policy

This Website is a public information vehicle of Area 29 of Alcoholics Anonymous and will contain information that is publicly available.

In general, this Website is intended to provide general information regarding Alcoholics Anonymous and to facilitate face-to-face contact between A.A. members and those wishing to learn about the A.A. program of recovery from alcoholism. In its conduct, this Web site will follow the Guidelines on the Internet (Form MG-18) published by the General Service Office.

A link to Area 29's specific Website Guidelines can be found on the Forms and Documents page.

No affiliation between this site and any outside enterprise will be permitted. Only events directly related to Area 29 and Maryland General Service, Inc., its Districts, A.A. World Services, Inc., and Northeast Regional A.A. activities will be considered for posting.

Did You Know?

There are now forms on the web site for DCMs and Committee chairs to fill out their reports prior to attending an Area Committee or Assembly.

The Maryland General Service Assembly Handbook is now on the website. The handbook is an essential reference for Area 29 GSRs, DCMs, and committee chairs regarding the nature of their service with respect to Maryland General Service and the conduct of area assemblies.


Our Mailing Address

Maryland General Service Inc.
P.O. Box 13457
Baltimore, MD 21203

Please reference your Group Service Number on all correspondence and group contributions.

Contributions to GSO can now be made online

Groups and individuals can now make contributions to the general Service Office online. For more information and instructions, click here.

Help an Alcoholic “Bridge the Gap” between Treatment Facilities and A.A.

Click here for more information about how you can help an alcoholic leaving a treatment facility or other institution to continue his/her recovery in A.A.


To Group Treasurers

Please remember to put your 6-digit GSO Group Number on all correspondence to Maryland General Service, Inc.

Message from the Area 29 Delegate

Does your home group have a General Service Representative (GSR)?
Do you attend any groups that don't?
Please take them a copy of this circular and ask them to participate with a voice in the group conscience of A.A. as a whole.